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999 Seymour

This condo renovation in Yaletown, Vancouver aims to use a simple palette of materials with fine detailing to create a simple and elegant reinterpretation of space. The millwork makes use of naturally finished oiled oak for the flooring and cabinetry. The herringbone pattern on the floor creates interest against the cabinetry and makes use of larger dimensions to convey a more modern approach to the classical design. The island becomes a centrepiece against the kitchen, making use of black powdercoated steel to contrast the wood, and clad in a gorgeous marble countertop. Casters hidden beneath the cabinet allow the island to become moveable throughout the space, and onto the large patio for social gatherings. The steelwork conveys a more industrial aesthetic against the natural palette, but still feels warm and inviting.



Status: Complete


Design: Jenny Basset & David Tyl

Construction: Vertical Grain Projects

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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