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Clarke Street Residence

Nestled in the Kamloops cliffside, an unassuming character house fronts a quiet street. For over 3 years, Olympic athlete Jake Wetzel and his wife Sigrid have been working on an extensive renovation of their 1930s home. The house takes cues from the Faroe Island villages where Sigrid grew up, materializing as the exterior pops of colour and the strong connection of indoor and outdoor. Throughout the design process it was important for us to maintain the character of the house, creating moments where modern design and traditional elements intersect.


The family needed more space, in order to achieve this the original dug-out basement was excavated to accommodate additional floor area that includes a larger and more open kitchen / dining area where the family spends most of their time. Two sets of folding doors on either side of the lower floor open up to side patios extending their living space during the summer months expanding the overall useable space twofold, while maintaining the original footprint of the home.


The main floor benefits from the addition of a glass enclosed office space and a larger primary bedroom and ensuite, located in the old garage. The upper level of the house has been retrofitted with lye and soap-stained douglas fir floors alongside minimal and clean finishes that allow their extensive art collection to pop. The original fireplace remains and is the focal point for the upper seating area.


Integrating the outdoor design with the interior was very important to us and the clients. New windows were placed for views of the garden. For the exterior we used weathering steel to create a custom shed and an artful installation for privacy. The weathering steel will patinate over time, changing and evolving with the surrounding landscape.


The project is an exciting study of the rehabilitation of space without sacrificing the historic aesthetic of the existing home.



Status: Complete


Design: Jenny Bassett & David Tyl

Construction: Jake Wetzel, Antony Milobar & Robert Lemon

Photography: Hayden Pattullo

Location: Kamloops, British Columbia

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