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Golden House (1).jpg

Columbia River Valley Lookout

This small residence in Golden, BC is the studios first new build residential project. Completed in January of 2023, the client brief was to create a simple structure that would tower over the surrounding trees to allow for endless views from the top level living space. The interior space also benefits from 14-foot tall ceilings to emphasize views and light for an overall grand experience in a relatively small home. Massing for the structure positions the two top living floors above a solid concrete podium which sets the structure comfortably within the site. The material palette is kept simple with natural materials, and includes concrete for the foundation and floors, blackened wood for the exterior cladding, and steel for the roof and balcony. The balcony becomes a sculptural steel feature that appends along the side of the simple form, and the internal staircase continues the use of steel to connect the interior and exterior material language.



Status: Complete


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Construction: Zimmerman Construction

Photography: Hayden Pattullo

Location: Golden, British Columbia

Golden House (4).jpg
Level 1.jpg
Level 3.jpg
Level 2.jpg
Level Roof.jpg
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Elev East.jpg
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