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Island Restaurant

The existing building for the Island Restaurant was originally realized as a single family residence, and is situated on an ideal shoreline within the Gulf Islands. Our task was to conceive of a design that would entirely renovate the building into a restaurant catering to both local and international visitors alike. The aim of the restaurant is to offer guests a culinary experience rooted in the contextual ingredients and flavour of the area. Similarly, the architecture was conceived to represent the materiality and spirit of place that the region exemplifies. Using an entirely natural palette of materials we developed a notion of 'duality' to inform our design approach. Using the characteristics of light and dark, sun and shadow, we aimed to represent a notion of transience by way of materiality and colour to achieve a dynamic experience for guests, accentuating the food at hand and views beyond.



Status: Design


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Location: Galiano Island, British Columbia

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