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Kelowna Infill Challenge Design Competition


The city of Kelowna opened a design challenge to designers and architects aimed at generating innovative ideas for infill housing on unique inner city sites. The task for entrants was to develop a design that would focus on enhancing affordability, diversity, resiliency, inclusivity, and livability in Kelowna's diverse housing system. The overarching goal of the competition was five-fold:

+ Introduce new forms of infill housing within the city's core area

+ Expand housing supply and diversity in new areas

+ Show how infill housing can be well designed and meet community objectives

+ Show how infill housing can improve neighbourhoods

+ Reinforce positive relationships

The City was overwhelmed by the volume of submissions and we are honored to have placed in the top 3 submissions! Check out details of the competition and entries by other designers here.



Status: Competition


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

Elev 1 FINAL.png
Axo 9 FINAL.png
Axo 8 FINAL.png
Axo 1 FINAL.png
Elev 2 FINAL.png
Elev 3 FINAL.png
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Site plan.jpg
Landscape plan 1.jpg
Floorplan 1.jpg
Floorplan 2.jpg
Floorplan 3.jpg
Elev 1.jpg
Elev 2.jpg
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