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Nelson Cabin

Currently under design development, this small residence located just outside of Nelson, British Columbia, is aimed to function as a highly efficient home for a young family of four. The form itself is derived from the demands of its floorplan, allowing for a double height space in the living area with a primary suite in the adjacent mezzanine level. The remainder of the programming resides on the main floor, and all of the rooms are oriented in the same direction towards the prevailing southern views. The home is set into the sloping site to improve overall insulation and protection from north winds, which is coupled with a high performance wall and roof assembly. With few articulations to the building exterior the overall structure aims to meet Energy Step Code 5 in British Columbia, which is considered the highest level of residential home efficiency.

Stay tuned as this project develops!



Status: Under Development


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Construction: Pacific West Builders

Location: Nelson, British Columbia

LIVING 2.png
ELEV 1.png
AXO 2.png
ELEV 1B.png
LIVING 3.png
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