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McGill Loft Renovation

The McGill loft is a unique space located in the McGill Block building in Inglewood, Calgary. The heritage building was originally built in 1912 and is one of very few loft conversions in the city. With sweeping views of the downtown core to the west, community views and beaming sunlight to the south, and both the Bow and Elbow rivers to the north, the space takes full advantage of it's numerous large windows spread across two full length walls.


The floorplan presented unique challenges to the revised layout of the unit. The long entry corridor allowed for a series of closets that would serve as primary storage for the unit and leading into the kitchen. The kitchen layout is divided by this corridor creating two distinct blocks of cabinetry which are defined by contrasting black and white finishes. In this way, the dining area becomes framed within the space allowing for seating next to the amazing windows. The bedroom is located at the end of the unit and is separated from the living space by a 7-foot high wall, allowing light to pass into the living room through the remaining 4-feet of open space above. The living space takes advantage of increased width and allows for endless views out to the city.

The finishes used in the space are meant to contrast the identity of the existing heritage building and add modern comfort and amenity. These more modern finishes are glossy to naturally reflect light throughout the space, while more natural finishes are contrasted with a matte finish. Natural hickory flooring and kitchen elements create warmth throughout the space and add colour to the simple material palette.

The lighting throughout the space was designed and assembled by 2x2. The entry lighting uses brass piping that was installed to the ceiling and then wrapped by numerous metres of electrical cabling with feature bulbs that hang below. The large living room light is a custom cluster of three individual pendants that were repurposed following the closure of the Metropolitan Grill restaurant in Calgary. Together they form a large singular piece that can be seen from the street and lights up the corner of the building.



Status: Complete


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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