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Moberly Mountain House

Located northwest of Golden, BC, this home will have the capacity to function entirely off-grid. Power will come from solar panels installed on the exterior, while heating and air conditioning will be tag-teamed via a central wood stove and heat recovery ventilator (HRV) as needed. Water will be pumped from the on-site well and waste will work its way out to the septic field. The home will be constructed using insulated concrete forms (ICF) for the foundation and wall assemblies, aiding in the overall efficiency and comfort of the home through the cold winters and hot summers. Using large timber construction, plenty of outdoor covered patio space on the south and west elevations will allow for year round use and protection from the elements.

Stay tuned as this project develops!



Status: Under Development


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Construction: TBD

Location: Golden, British Columbia

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