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South Rowhouse

The South Rowhouse was a vision project for a local rowing club to replace an aging in-place structure. The client had asked us to propose a single-story structure that would be entirely accessible to all athletes and visitors with direct access to the calm ocean waterfront. The building programme includes facilities for boat storage and maintenance, athlete training, and a dedicated area for introduction and access to local public school students.


The building design expresses the public component as a linear element that bisects three perpendicular sheds used primarily by athletes and staff. The entry lobby includes a large viewing area that faces out onto the water, as well as a meeting and party room that may open up to allow for groups of people to enjoy the facility. Athlete facilities are located toward the back of the sheds, while shells are stored near the front for easy access to the waterfront. The far end includes separate access for school students as well as storage of their gear. The material pallette is kept quite minimal to blend in with the local environment and patinate with age to reflect the surrounding conditions.



Status: Visioning


Design: David Tyl & Jenny Bassett

Location: Mainland, British Columbia

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