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2x2 is an interdisciplinary architectural design studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia.


With over 10 years of collaborative design work, the practice has matured from modest roots beginning in art work and gallery installations to full scale architectural design and construction administration. The team has worked on architecturally diverse projects ranging in scale from lighting design and fabrication, sculptural design, gallery curation, design + build millwork, space design, site masterplanning, architectural concepts and full-scale project management through to construction.


Today, the practice continues to focus on the design and project development of built works with a focus on architectural massing and interior experience in the realm of private residential and small-scale commercial projects. At the core of the practice's values remain their roots and passion for art, with an interest in merging the two disciplines to create unique spaces that express the character of place in which they are set and the individual personalities of our clients. Through engaging dialogue and collaborative design, our projects are the culmination of these elements.

At 2x2, we believe that good design is honest, approachable, and enhances community. It sparks dialogue and thought among those that experience it, can bring people together and shapes the way we experience the world.


Twobytwo Architecture Studio is licensed to practice architecture with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC).

Twobytwo Architecture Studio

Architecture x Interior design x Landscape design

Residential x Commercial

Licensed to practice with the AIBC

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia

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