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David Tyl  x  Founding Partner

Architect AIBC, M.Arch, BEDS, B.Phil

David is a registered architect with the AIBC in British Columbia and has over 10 years of professional experience. Through his academic pursuits in architecture, David spent time studying in Halifax at Dalhousie University and in Dusseldorf at Peter Behrens School of Arts. His professional work experience thereafter was spent collaborating with prominent architectural firms in Berlin, Germany, Calgary and Vancouver.


David's interest in the field of architecture is rooted in his strong appreciation of vernacular design through design-based inquiry. He believes strongly that design should be a reaction to the surrounding environment, responding directly to physical site conditions and local culture. He develops his work based on the idea that design of the built world is an expression of the people occupying it, making each project just as unique as each person that has the opportunity to experience it.

Jenny Bassett  x  Founding Partner

Intern Architect AIBC, M.Arch

Jenny is an AIBC Intern Architect with over 10 years of experience in architectural design, installation design and art practice. She holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary and a Bachelors of Art from the Alberta College of Art and Design, as well as a Master of Art Education from Concordia University. Jenny’s attention to detail and focus on expressive spaces are evident in her 6 years of design-build experience.

When not designing, she can be found sailing, snowboarding and taking long walks on the beach with Aubergine.

Aubergine  x  Founding Pup

Huff Huff


Huff huff huff. Huff huff huff huff.


Twobytwo Architecture Studio

Architecture x Interior design x Landscape design

Residential x Commercial

Licensed to practice with the AIBC

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia

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